Dear disenchanted voter

Dear disenchanted voter,

You are repulsed by the political spectacle that is unfolding. You are not really sure which planets these candidates came from or what on earth they have to do with you, your life and your political interests. Whomever they are, they are not people that you would have chosen to lead our country, if anyone had asked your opinion. The whole idea of going out on election day to vote for one of these creatures make you feel like vomiting.

While I on the one hand am glad at your repulsion because it means that you are dissatisfied with what our political system has produced and you want something different, I am very disheartened that your way of dealing with your repulsion is to decide not to decide.

“Now” is a reality we have to deal with whether we like it or not. We can’t just change the channel until the commercials are over or skip this add after 15 seconds! While your disgust with today’s political situation is promising for change in the future we still have to attend to “now”. What we choose to do with “now” will have enormous impacts on the American people’s ability to make change in the future.

Neither candidate can you fully trust to represent your interests, fact. But one candidate is the most volatile threat to our nation’s future that we have ever seen. Don’t blow our chance of changing the future. Please, for your own sake, vote!


Voter who sees potential for future change